Blender 2.63 fluid simulation

fluid simulation in blender

Doing a fluid simulation like this doesn’t take much modeling talent neither does getting the girl to swim through. As a newbie working with blender I have learned to apply several of the tools that blender offers.

Doing a fluid simulation requires two thing fluid and a domain. In blender any object can be fluid or a domain. in the case of this video I used the default cube as a domain I then duplicated the cube and scaled it down a little and that second cube became my fluid. Blenders fluid simulator in the physics panel took care of the rest.

The female character I made with a free open source program called Makehuman. and I added a particle system to simulate the water bubbles, played with the lighting and rendered it out in blender’s default render engine. Play with blender have some fun with your pictures, adding effects to movies and yes making fluid simulations Have a great one and keep creating.


3D Art for beginners by a beginner

There are many people who get bitten by the creativity bug, unfortunately some of us don’t have the gift of transposing inspiration into a work of art. For some strange reason some of us never try. Whatever the reason one may have for wanting to draw, film, or whatever your medium of choice may be, you may lack the confidence, talent , time, patience, or equipment, ect….. That should not be the stopping point or stumbling block.

I’ve found a fun, free and interesting way to pursue my hobby. It is with a free open source piece of software that I can safely say is the artist best friend. It is multi=functional and serve one in various capacity and varying media. Film, photo, and animation.  Blender 2.63 available at
This small program will surprise you with its functionality and user-friendly interface.  Here is a small example of what you can do in Blender
Done in Blender 2.63

there is better work than mine and lots of tutorials available. Stay tuned and i’ll keep you posted.