Photorealistic Fruit Splash Results

After following a tutorial on I was able to complete my first render in cycles. I didn’t Like cycles because it seemed that it took forever on my computer and I never achieved good results.  I Suggest you have patience using cycles as my image from this tutorial took 1 hour 43  minutes and 8 seconds for 500 samples. I have an average computer 2.16 Ghz 2 Gb of ram and a generic Intel graphics card. I did the same image in 6 hours 2000 passes and it didn’t look as good. I believe I will try something again in cycles to get a better grasp of it.
Actually this is a great tutorial click on the link above and try it if you haven’t visited I am sure you’ll find something there to help you along. The more I learn the more I will share. Have fun with blender an keep creating.


Getting started in Blender

So you have downloaded Blender and you are wondering now what. You open it up and you see the blender default scene and go what the. Well don’t let the default view be intimidating or confusing. I say jump in,  play around with things and see what they do. Hands on is the best way to learn blender and unlock all the features it has to offer. If your fancy is animation or photo manipulation blender is just the tool and here is a little help getting you started. If your the type of person who likes to read before you get started here is the place to go  Here you will be able to find out what all the button do. You also find links to other blender resources to get you going. if you are one that likes to jump right in then I recommend you will find tutorials and tips that have you feeling like a blender pro before long or if nothing else they will give you confidence to create. Just Play around and have fun. Remember if I can do it you definitely can.

Playing around in Blender 2.63

Creating a river and a bridge in blender seemed a little daunting at first, but I manage to create a river without using the fluid simulator simple by applying a cloud texture to a mesh plane. I attempted to model the bridge starting with a cube and the outcome is what you see above. For good artist blender is a great medium for expressing your creative endeavors and for beginners like me it is a perfect practice venue. Believe me I can use all the practice I can get.

I encourage you to play with blender as much as can, as the more you do the easier it gets. The more you tinker in blender the faster you learn your way around the interface. I will be working on some beginner tutorials soon to get you newbies up and running. The more I learn the more I will share.
Have fun in the 3d world.