Blender Cycles: Lighting and Rendering Cookbook

If you are new to blender or looking for an alternative learning tool, well here you are.

Packt Publishing has released a book by Bernardo Iraci. The book titled “Blender Cycles: lighting and rendering cookbook.” covers creating materials and lighting setups for your cycles render. Inside you will find node setups for water, glass, and  some procedural texture setups that will come in handy for your projects. It is a learning aide that I believe no new or intermediate user should be without. As you learn the tricks revealed in this book your renders will show a improved level of quality.  This book will be  nice to have, to reference back when ever needed.


A plus to purchasing this neat little learning aid is the support files provided by Packt publishing. The blend files let you follow along with the book to put into practice each technique as it is being described for the reader. This frees you up to practice at your own speed and pace without the worry of missing something as with traditional tutorials.

On the down side this book starts off a little wordy and there are a few spelling errors,But if you take your time you will get pass that and actual begin to learn to use cycles more efficiently. Which after all is the overall goal of the book.

The book will be very helpful to new and advanced user alike. It goes though each lesson step by step and has photos of each node setup.  There is also a good list of other references provided inside.  I recommend this easy self paced learning tool to any blender user wanting to learn how to create better lighting and materials for their projects.

Click the book cover for a sample chapter

About the Author
Bernardo Iraci

Bernardo Iraci was born in Livorno, Italy in 1985. He followed a standard education career until he graduated in Economics in 2009. He always had a great passion for computers, especially gaming. During the latter part of his studies, he also developed a passion for 3D graphics, and this soon became the main focus of his career. It was at this time that he came to understand that his passion was the most important thing to pursue, more important than even attending a university.

Even though Bernardo later participated in various online courses teaching the different aspects of computer graphics, he has been largely self-taught. In 2010, he moved to Warsaw, Poland, where he was finally able to start working full-time in computer graphics as a 3D generalist in the field of movies VFX and advertisment. He also started work as a freelancer.

Bernardo constantly works to improve his skills and knowledge about computer graphics and thinks that this is the only way to keep pace with this field. When he is not busy with graphics, he likes to travel, watch movies, and play the guitar.


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