Blender Foundation Crowd Sources Project Gooseberry



As if you didn’t know, The Blender foundation has started work on project Gooseberry. Project Gooseberry is the code name for their 5th open movie project. The project is large undertaking in which the Blender foundation wishes to produce a feature length animation using just open source software.

The Blender foundation will attempt this project with small studios worldwide. 12 independent studios who already use open source software  will contribute to the production of this feature length film. They will work with a staff of artist and developers to see if open source is ready for a feature film.

The film is about Michel the sheep, who’s longing to get an interesting life. It will be a funny, absurdist and adventurous love story, directed by Mathieu Auvray. ( Listen to Mathieu on Blenderguru podcast)

The Blender foundation plans to offer supporter full access to the whole production and all training assets that are derived from the project.  The Blender cloud will allow subscribers to access data from from previous films and also data from the Gooseberry project.

For 45 Euro or 62 U.S. Dollars you get three months access to the data from previous Open Movies and Workshop training videos. The Gooseberry team will use it to cooperate, to share data and to get you involved.

More About Project Gooseberry

Blender Development




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