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The making of empty block

empty block

When creating this image there was not actually a plan or an idea for it. I have heard it said that inspiration will find you working. Well in this case it is actually how it happened. I had started working on two things in particular, one making a low poly building set and two planning a tutorial for the same. Once I had completed a building in my set I wanted to see how it looked and I started added things. The next thing I knew I had begun kit bashing, appending old model into my blend file until I finally had a scene. The old chevy model I got from blendswap as I needed something to fill the scene out. Thank you Daniel Kreuter for sharing this cool blend file. http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/27403

emptyblockThe above image is what i ended up with and I felt it needed something. After reading a post on blender artist. In the article Reynante Martinez  breaks down his creative process. What interested me the most was his method of post processing. I often go in to do my compositing and I get other than my desired effects or results for an example I had posted an image on blender artist and the feedback I received was related to overuse of the compositor. http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?360887-Factory-ruins I always felt a little uneasy about blenders compositor but still I push on trying to learn an achieve my end goal as I try to use just blender in my 3d work.

In closing I do encourage you to check out the work of Reynante Martinez at his blog and the post on blendernation. I hope you enjoy this image and this short explanation of the creation of this image helps you out a little. Check back with me from time to as I share more of my blender experiences with. Live. Love and create.

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This is a nice video that demonstrates kit bashing in blender be warned it is long and it is 2 years old.


Render of the week February 22

I just spent some time with this image playing with lighting and experimenting with different rock textures which resulted this render. All done using cycles and very little work in the compositor.seaside1a

Rendering a Makehuman model in Blender cycles

You have imported you model in cycles and there you are wondering now what? Image

Here is a simple way to texture your model and move on to other things. You will be using the materials that you applied in the make human program before exporting your model. If you exported your model as lady1 for instance there will be a folder in your makehuman/export directory called lady1, inside the lady1 folder is a folder called textures. With that out the way lets get cracking.

Invisio material
Invisio material

In object mode with your model selected go to the material panel. Select the skin and click use nodes. Split your view port so you have a node editor and 3d view window.Image

You are going to select add / texture /and then image texture. select the skin texture from your texture folder. the skin should look like this.Image

you are going to connect the skin texture to the diffused shader.  you will then add a mix shader. Place the diffuse shader on the bottom and then add a transparent shader.Image

Your model should be coming to life. Human skin is some what oily and a little reflective so to fake this add another mix shader and then a glossy shader. Set the roughness value of the glossy shader to .5 and the factor value of the mix shader to .1.  Next you have to mask the clothes.  so you add a mix shader and a transparent shader.  Then add the mask texture, connect it to a color invert node then connect that to the factor value of the mix shader. and you are done with the skin.Image


It gets a little easier from here. The next material is the mouth. as in step 1 you will be adding a mix shader and a transparent shader.  The diffuse shader on the bottom and the transparent on the top. Add your skin texture to the diffused shader and the alpha to the factor value of the mix shader. To make the eyes and the eyebrows easier to do you will group the texture node the transparent shader node the diffuse and mix shader nodes together. You hold down shift and select each then press control G and move to the next material slot.


Here is the new node group.

Move on to the eyes.  Select use nodes. Delete the diffuse shader. Select add group. Connect it to the output shader and you are done with the eyes.


makehuman tut7




Repeat the above procedure for the the eye brows.


makehuman tut8






The invsio material is a mix shader diffuse and transparent shader. and for the red green and blue material just click use nodes

Invisio material
Invisio material






Your model is ready to render except there is no hair. You can use the hair mesh if you created the model in makehuman with hair or you can strand render hair in experimental mode. For this I will use the hair from make human.

With the hair mesh selected we go to materials and use nodes. Add a mix shader a transparent shader and a diffuse shader.

Hair node set up

Hair node set up

You are now done and have a complete character rendered in cycles. I hope this helps you along enjoy.makehuman tut11

Getting started in Blender

So you have downloaded Blender and you are wondering now what. You open it up and you see the blender default scene and go what the. Well don’t let the default view be intimidating or confusing. I say jump in,  play around with things and see what they do. Hands on is the best way to learn blender and unlock all the features it has to offer. If your fancy is animation or photo manipulation blender is just the tool and here is a little help getting you started. If your the type of person who likes to read before you get started here is the place to go http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.6/Manual  Here you will be able to find out what all the button do. You also find links to other blender resources to get you going. if you are one that likes to jump right in then I recommend http://blenderguru.com/ you will find tutorials and tips that have you feeling like a blender pro before long or if nothing else they will give you confidence to create. Just Play around and have fun. Remember if I can do it you definitely can.

3D Art for beginners by a beginner

There are many people who get bitten by the creativity bug, unfortunately some of us don’t have the gift of transposing inspiration into a work of art. For some strange reason some of us never try. Whatever the reason one may have for wanting to draw, film, or whatever your medium of choice may be, you may lack the confidence, talent , time, patience, or equipment, ect….. That should not be the stopping point or stumbling block.

I’ve found a fun, free and interesting way to pursue my hobby. It is with a free open source piece of software that I can safely say is the artist best friend. It is multi=functional and serve one in various capacity and varying media. Film, photo, and animation.  Blender 2.63 available at WWW.Graphicall.org
This small program will surprise you with its functionality and user-friendly interface.  Here is a small example of what you can do in Blender
Done in Blender 2.63

there is better work than mine and lots of tutorials available. Stay tuned and i’ll keep you posted.