Thank you for dropping in. Here you will find some blender tips and links to some good tutorials. If you are just starting in the world of 3D art like myself  you are looking for helpful ways to get around in Blender. I will try to find and add some great resoures and sharing my blender experience with you. Look around I hope you find something you like or something that improves your blender experience. Again welcome and thanks for visiting, enjoy your trip to my blog.


Render of the week


This weeks render was a modeling exercise where I created building facades

View Image

Blender foundation crowd sources Gooseberry project pataz-02As if you didn’t know, The Blender foundation has started work on project Gooseberry. Project Gooseberry is the code name for their 5th open movie project.     Read More

How to animate a 2 D Photo                                        sardi      I am always looking for interesting ways to be creative with Blender and make my projects look decent. I found one way of doing this is with animated photos. There are several ways of achieving a photo                    Read More



How to create texture maps in Gimp
Screenshot from 2013-07-27 19:04:55You just modeled the perfect scene and the only thing left is texturing and lighting.                   Read More
Cycles vs Blender Internal
cubes cyclesWhen it comes down to rendering your project I would imagine that the choice of render engines comes down to what is available and what your trying to achieve.          Read More
Rendering a Makehuman model in Blender Cycles makehuman tut1Here is a simple way to texture your model and move on to other things. You will be using the materials that you applied in the make human program         Read More








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